Inna and Alexandra Stan Join Sextastic Euro Forces in "We Wanna" (VIDEO)

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We haven't seen Romanian hottie diva Inna for some time in these parts. I'm sure she's still working her magic in parts of Europe, but he sweet brunette topped body hasn't been exhibiting itself quite enough of late to be on our radars. The same can be said for her countrywoman and one (or two) hit wonder Alexandra Stan who lit up the continent a couple summers ago with Mr. Saxobeat. We've not seen much hide or hair of her, with emphasis on the former.

Now, don't you know as good fortune goes, Inna and Alexandra Stan have teamed up for one excellent craptastic bit of synthesized music that just happens to involve these two Romanian hotties in various states of barely dressed top and bottom flashing in their racy new video. You know it takes a certain amount of skintastic goodness for me to stay tuned to one entire modern pop dance song. And this video does have it. And two sorely missed lovely ladies from East that can turn the world on with their smiles. And legs and sweet peaches. So much to like here. Especially with the sound down. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Stan And Inna "We Wanna"

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