Christina Milian Sextastic In Sheer Cleavy Bra Top for BET Awards

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Christina Milian decided it was simply time to own the BET Awards weekend. Somebody had to. And Christina certainly has the goods. The very good goods to take the title of most photographed and drool worthy.

Christina showed up to the various promotional events in and around the award show and the show itself in various low cut revealing outfits showing her her fine MILFtastic form. The kind of outfits my grandma used to say would make a girl pregnant just by putting on. It wasn't science, but it was just as accurate. If you got it, flaunt it, baby. Christina did just that. Wow on the worked out curvy mom body. I'm in lust all over again. I might actually have to learn how to unhook a bra. Consider me inspired. Bless you, Christina. You clearly took BET weekend in L.A.  Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

We've lusted for Christina since the early bikini days.

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