Beyonce White Hot Lingerie Sexy And Sheer (VIDEO)

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An homage if you will. Seeing Beyonce's latest music video bit of craptastic, I'm reminded of the time Beyonce sold herself in sheer sexuality, as in the Best I Never Had music video featuring the darker skinned diva in some seriously hot and revealing white lingerie the way that music was supposed to be intended.

This was before the stripper named baby and life got too complicated and Beyonce was just one crazy hot belting our songstress. She still is, though the productions routines are not quite as pure. Not as when I first imagine Beyonce in my boudoir slipping into and then out of something more white and lacy and probably uncomfortable. I am human after all. And I keep an assortment of pima cotton combed robes in my closet in various hues for just such occasions. Oops, sorry, just ran out of robes, Bey. Let's see what else we can find you. Does this hand towel work? Oh, my, the Best I Never Had indeed. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Beyonce "Best I Never Had"

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