Ana Braga Celebrates The Blackhawks Victory (VIDEO)

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The Blackhawks that is. The Chicago NHL team that just won the Stanley Cup and hopefully learned their lesson two years ago about inviting the Devil's Midget into the locker-room to smudge it. Well, turns out, our Brazilian model buddy and blonde hottie Ana Braga is a major Hawks fan and decided to show her support in probably the best way a fan can. Well, a fan who has her body. I've been to enough Blackhawks events to know this is not recommended for the rank and file.

Unlike Chicago's fate which was entirely upward, Ana's happy go lucky funbags flop in both directions covered in shaving cream, providing a visual commentary on the nature of being a die hard sports fan. Tremendous highs and deep lows. Though not necessarily at thirty bounces per second. Life is like a box of chocolate funbags I suppose. You know now exactly what you're going to get. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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