Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Car-Mangling Crazy Brings a Little 'Street Fighter' to Real Life

Cosplaying, as we know, isn't the most man-tastic use of our time. I don't give any effs if you are Thor, god of thunder and smiter of the Titans. You're still carrying about a styrofoam hammer that grandma made for you in her over 75s craft class. You could have pruned your chest hair (singular) for the occasion, too.

But hey, let's not judge. If you want to get your cosplay on, you have at it. Just try and butch it up a bit. Take a lesson from this crazy bastard, for instance: dress as studly Street Fighter stalwart Ryu and punch an actual freaking car in the face.

This, of course, represents a classic minigame from the fighter's arcade mode. With a strict time limit, you wail on a defenseless auto; bumpers, hoods and exhaust pipes flying everywhere. Bonus points are awarded based on the time it took you to destroy the whole vehicle.

It all sounds like the sort of thing Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sly Stallone would do in their spare time, betwixt rounds of grizzly wrestling and chainsaw juggling. But then you see a martial arts dude attempt the feat, and it's really not as dramatic and badass in real-life. Not even close. Check it out after the jump.

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Thanks, Kotaku. This is just the kind of spectacle we need on a Friday morning.

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