Charli XCX Rocks Rio With Super Short Leggy Cutoffs

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I'm kind of in lust with Charli XCX. I could easily look past the silly stage name and the particular brand of music to just compliment her as she strutted around my abode in super short cut offs flashing her legs and cheeks. I'd say things like 'wow, you are super talented, let's scrump for five minutes then watch MTV Europe together for another five'. I'm generous like that. And romantic.

Charli XCX was flaunting said sweet gams during the Rock n Rio performance in, well, Rio. I've seen Miley and Demi and Taylor do similarly themed shows down Rio way. Charli definitely has the goods to stick around. I would like to see her in that high school cheerleader outfit a few more times before I fully commit to her bright future. But I'm a more than confident thumbs up on this brunette beauty. Now, let's see if we can't another couple centimeters off those britches. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Getty

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