Cara Delevingne Wears Lingerie For DKNY

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I do so happen to lust Cara Delevingne. I have the sneaking suspicion she would not be my favorite girlfriend ever, but for one night of unbridled passion with a socialite turned model turned lesbionic lover to so many other young socialites turned models, yes, I'd say please and shed fake tears about my deceased cat as necessary to make it all happen.

To better explain myself, I just grabbed a couple of Cara's latest lingerie pics for DKNY. The NY stands for New York. I believe the DK stands for Delicious Knockers. I could be wrong. But I know I'm right about my feelings for Cara. I'd like to think she feels the same way toward me, even as she hands me the keys to her ride thinking I'm a parking attendant. Not so bad really. Free joy ride and the scent of Cara. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: DKNY

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