Suki Waterhouse Rides a Chocolate Bar in a Short Dress for Love

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Suki Waterhouse might be most famous for being Bradley Cooper's girlfriend, but you don't get to be called Young Hot Model for nothing. You do need to be young and hot and be a model. I believe those are the three requirements.

Suki is the latest lovely lass to be featured in the Love Magazine video Advent Calendar. I do believe there are twelve girls and twelve days of celebration in total. While the videos themselves are not all exactly Oscar caliber motion picture experiences, it never hurts to film sextastic women in little bits of clothing rocking their tushes back and forth with the Yuletide spirit. Suki Waterhouse included. That Toblerone par alone would cost you $10K at any hotel mini-bar. When it's between Suki's long and lovely legs, let's just assume the price rises along with your spirits. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Love Magazine

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