Mariana Rodriguez Wicked Hot and Cleavy in Milan

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Are you like me? Do you have a thing for hot Venezuelan models who wind up being even hotter actresses and models in Italy? Yep, I know, we should have a club name.

Mariana Rodriguez isn't the first South American beauty queen to relocate to Italy for find fame and fortune in a sister tongue. Mmm, hang on, sister tongue. I meant Spanish to Italian. Much like her predecessors, Mariana is wickedly alluring and tan and lovely and Latina and forever flashing killer legs and lust inducing cleavage at sparkly events across the boot, including this red carpet function in Milan. The eyes of the Egotastic! radar are everywhere searching out the world's more tingle producing celebrities. I feel like Magellan, with just the trade winds and a four hour boner to guide me by. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash News

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