Lily Collins Wears Sweaters, I Pretty Much Melt Into Goo

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Model, thespianic, hottest daughter of Phil Collins anywhere. Lily Collins deserves so much more attention than she receives. I'm speaking now mostly for myself. I've neglected her in the areas of full body loofah scrubs for too long now. Lily, I am truly sorry. I stand water-worn and spongy at your ready.

Lily's latest enchanting incarnation appears for Barrie Knitwear, a fine group of shmata merchandisers I have no doubt. If I could perhaps make just one suggestion, less clothes next time. Otherwise, quite perfect. As is the case when you start with the foundation of the foxy and so underrated Lily Collins. The day I see her nekkid may actually be my last day on this gaseous spinning orb. I've already packed my Star Wars jammies for the next destination. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Barrie Knitwear

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