Alex Gerrard Bikini Pictures Orange Hot WAG Fun Time in Dubai

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Well hello there, WAGalicious and udderly MILFtastic Alex Gerrard, wife of, well, who cares, he's a soccer player, you're hot and alone on the beach in Dubai in your perfectly almost not fitting bikini.

At some point I need to get to the beaches in Dubai, the new hot spot for European sextastic celebrities to celebrate their stellar female forms in bikinis a part of the world where we traditionally don't think of seeing skintastic shows. But there the are. And there she is. One super fine lady who gives WAGS a good name. And a very nice booty. Every now and then I wish I were a world class professional athlete. Just like every seventeen seconds or so, though I would miss all my friends I would ditch in seconds for the long line of lovely ladies coming to audition for the role of Mrs. Egotastic. So, sweet, Alex Gerrard. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GSI

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