Modtastic: When ‘GTA IV’ and ‘Watch Dogs’ Collide (VIDEO)

Watch Dogs GTA IV Mod
Just like this, if you squint a bit.

They’re two peas in a pod, come to think of it. Gun-shooty, reckless-drivey, freeroamy romps through big ol’ cities both. Sidequests-amundo, surly protagonists… it’s like Grand Theft Auto IV and Watch Dogs were separated at birth.

PC mods are often just slices of pure crazy-ass. In the past, we’ve flooded the entirety of San Andreas for no effing reason at all, and witnessed the spectacle that was a playable Incredible Hulk. Sometimes, then, it’s nice to see a mod that makes a little freaking sense.

Such as the one that’s in front of your eyeballs right now. The creator has called this Watch Dogs IV, bringing Aiden Pierce and his hacktacular ways into Liberty City as only these madcap modders know how. And it’s much more than just dicking about with the character model and an animation or two.

Kotaku brings us the full report from the modder himself, explaining just how far into Watch Dogs territory we’re taking this. You can hack payphones, ATMs and soda machines, ride atop moving trains like the life-endangering badass you are, and you even have the right Aiden idle animation. Plus much more. Take a look above and hit the link for more.