Coco Bikini Pictures Crack-A-Ass-Lacking in Barbados

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There's nothing modest about Coco. I think that's her intention. The big booty curvaceous model and reality star has been flashing her super sized cans this entire week in Barbados, where the local Caribbean natives are respecting her as the legendary pale goddess of fertility. I'm sure they don't often see such dramatic cheeks on the tourist class coming down to revel in the white sandy beaches and extra-strong rum punch.

Though most of her bikini becomes swallowed up somewhere in her lady curves, I'm pretty sure Coco is donning a leopard print number for her latest unable-not-to-leer romp across the beach. She really is a rather unique specimen. I'd have to imagine she's getting an entry in the medical dictionary under Whooty Ginormous. It's all fun and games until a child gets smothered under her cheeks. Enjoy.

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