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Sylvie van der Vaart Bikini Majesty Moves on to Greece

Okay, I am getting your letters and I realize Sylvie van der Vaart is no longer Sylvie van der Vaart since her divorce. But I don't think you realize the fifteen minutes of work this is going to take me to change throughout my extensive Egotastic! neural network. But, seeing as how I'm super glad she is single, I'm going to make this the last post with her married name. Going forward she shall be Sylvie Swift, you know, like in my dreams.

Sylvie moved her summer bikini hot mom tour from France to Greece so that the rest of the Mediterranean climes could take part in the MILFtastic smoking hot body show she's been putting on the past week. I think all of the EU nations have a right to get her now for a day or two of sunshine and bikini sextastic shows. There's some kind of ruling out of The Hague for this. I just know Sylvie works the beach like almost no other, the now divorced lingerie model probably not hurting for male suitors. If not oglers. If not me. Sylvie, I was pretty damn good in AYSO in third grade. I peaked early, I admit, but we can make this work. Call me. Enjoy.

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