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Sveva Alviti In A Teeny Weenie Bikini On Miami Beach

Seriously sexy Italian model Sveva Alviti was spotted in Miami wearing a very small bikini. This thing barely covers up her naughty bits. The bottom is so small that you can see the top of a tattoo she appears to have on her hoo-haa. Needless to say that her booty looks incredible in this bikini. Her derriere is largely hanging out for our viewing pleasure. The top is also very tiny and displays her Italian calzones (boobies) very well. Sveva is in perfect shape. Like, there is nary a jiggly bit on her tight toned body. This is incredible coming from a people who eat mostly carbs and pork sausage. I guess she probably opts to just eat the sauteed broccoli rabe and salad.

We've been seeing a lot of Sveva lately, most recently topless on a beach in France. Unfortunately, Miami Beach doesn't allow nudity. Stupid naked laws.

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