Scarlett Johansson Cleavetastic in Vanity Fair Extra

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I believe the original Scarlett Johansson shoot was for Vanity Fair in May. But, as with all good things coming to those who wait, some additional photos from the same shoot have cleavy-leaked their way out, including some of Scarlett's infamously famous bodacious boobtastic that makes me wonder just how even more monumental future mommy can get as she passes through her various gestational phases. I'd like to see some nekkid pregnancy photos for a more thorough examination. I just sent her my email request for such. I can't wait for her response.

Scarlett, I have a feeling MILFhood is only going to make you look even finer. I shall put aside my concerns and dwell in your ample bosom warmly and snugly until just such a time. Enjoy.

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