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Raffaella Fico Shows Off Her Hot Bikini Body In Saint-Tropez

Italian model Raffaella Fico looked sexy as F in a white bikini in Saint-Tropez. White is a wonderful color for bikinis, mainly because they become see through when they get wet. So, particularly with her bottom, you can see right through Raffaela's suit to her lady bits area. The bottom also has much of the booty exposed for our viewing pleasure. There is some pretty epic sideboob going on as well. Raffaella has an epic rack. If one of those old dead Italian Renaissance painters was alive they would hire her as a boob model. She's also got a toned stomach and some nice long legs. Raffaella really is a testament to Italian engineering. She's like a Ferrari or a Fiat or something. Italians sure know how to live. You've got to love their laissez-faire attitude towards being scantily clad.

I've always wondered how Italians always look so incredibly fit and stylish eating all that pasta. It must be genetics and a good metabolism. If I ate pasta every day they would have to remove me from my house in a forklift.

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