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Poppy Delevingne Bikini Body in Blue Show in Ibiza

I guess she's hanging around her sister too for her birthday lesbionics, but Poppy Delevingne made a sweet bikini appearance of her own.

I think Poppy recently got married, as if I care about the men in her life, though like her sister she maintains the au natural slender frame and the love of being a super pale British person hoping not to burn to Hades beneath the strong sun in the Mediterranean. She certainly cuts a sweet and lithesome pose, looking rather nymph like in her bright blue bikini. I tend to like a girl with a little more meat on her bones, but given a few sandwiches and the right kind of locked-in-a-bedroom-loving for 72 straight hours with nothing but cookies and YooHoo sodas, I bet I could whip her into less great shape. That is my specialty. Enjoy.

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