Lourdes Leon Bikini and Booty Cushion Show in the South of France

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Well, the powder is no longer dry on Lourdes Leon as it were. The gloves are off. And so was Lourdes shorts in terms of covering her sun-shine buns while bikini playing in Cannes on a Madonna family vacation. Lourdes is a high school graduate now, which makes her many shades different than many of the starlets we routinely cover. So, all the power to her and her bikini. And her mom for making her go to school, unless some moms we know, ahem, cough cough Kris Jenner.

Lourdes seems to be rather comfortable with her buxom figure, which makes two of us. I mean, in a couple months that makes two of us. For now, let's just say Lourdes is going to be a very popular Freshman at Michigan. And good for her. And her yams. I didn't say that! Enjoy.

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