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Lady Gaga Adds Extra Arse to Her Vancouver Performance (And Some Boob Slips)

Lady Gaga left it all on the stage, as it were, in the Vancouver stop of her ArtRavePopShmaltz tour, with her new extra sized booty wagging into the faces of the audience for the 3-D concert going experience. For those of you who like a little cushion with your, well, pop music, Lady Gaga has definitely added some junk to her trunk, though that has hardly slowed her down from baring it all in the most revealing of stage costumes.

Lady Gaga isn't for everyone, but she is for someone. And she no doubt puts a ton of energy into her shows. This isn't like watching Courtney love try to stand in one place without teetering over for a 34 minute concert performance. Gaga puts her heart and soul and obviously her big ole booty into her live performances. There's something to be said for that. Like, look out below! Enjoy.

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