Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Gah! It’s ‘Sharknado: The Game’

Why? Why in the name of Satan’s shriveled scrote is this a thing?

Ah, Sharknado. In the piss-takey animal-based ridiculousness stakes, it’s right up there with Snakes on a Plane and Black Sheep. We may have had enough of those mothereffin’ snakes on that mothereffin’ plane, but Sharknado isn’t done with us yet.

Yep. Hold on to your asses, the licensed game is here. We all know that movie games have a lamentable reputation for suckitude (we blame the ghastly ballache that is Superman 64 for that), so what do you do when the subject matter itself is already crap? On purpose? How much further up Shite Mountain can you trek?

About this far, by the looks of it. Feast your eyes on a crazy-ass little endless runner based on the movie (trailer after the jump). If nothing else, you don’t get to wang sharks in the face with a sword while surfing every day. Unless you do, in which case your life is much more exciting than ours and PETA is probably pissed at you.

If that’s not a fine way to spend three of your Earth dollars, we don’t know what is.

Via Destructoid.