Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Damn It, Pierce Brosnan, You’re Not Supposed to Suck At ‘GoldenEye’ (VIDEO)

Whacked- Pierce Brosnan GoldenEye
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A little Pierce Brosnan fact-tastic: he was the fifth Bond, star of a fine quartet of movies. GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough, that one where he was getting a little too old for this sort of thing a la Roger Moore and Daniel Craig took over… this was good stuff, right here.

Wherever there were dodgy dudes stroking cats in swively office chairs, devising ridiculous megalomaniacal schemes and/or expecting you, our buddy Pierce was there. Those poor bastards never knew what hit them. For a decade, he was James Bond, fearless badass agent dude with a license to kill and no effs to give.

Nevertheless. Great as he was as that smarmy guy in Mrs. Doubtfire, his recent attempt to get his game on with Jimmy Fallon was an embarrassment. It’s GoldenEye, for balls’ sake. You’d think this would be his milieu. Whatever that means.

Here he is on The Tonight Show, sucking ass at the legendary N64 FPS. We suppose he can be forgiven the rookie mistake of failing to pick up the gun. But flailing madly with his karate chops like he’s in the midst of a swarm of flies, thinking that he’s firing the gun he isn’t holding, before being shot in the face by a prattling talk show host? Up with this we shall not put, Mr. Brosnan. Get your ass in gear.

Via Kotaku.