Emma Stone Deep Chesty Showoff for Birdman Premiere

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Emma Stone went into the closet of show-off dresses for the Venice Film Festival premiere of Birdman and came out with a dress that showed off about as much cleavage as the petite chested thespianic could provide. I more than admire the effort, the outfit, and the chest goodness of the movie making hottie.

Emma Stone doesn't go for the high profile public appearances or demanding the cameras be on her every move or even exhibiting much skin in public for that matter. Fancy film festivals are a great chance to see her baring her wares on the few occasions she does and reminding us why we fell in lust with her for the first time. Such a beautiful young thing. Now then, I do believe it's time for a topless role. If I may be so bold as to provide career advice. Enjoy.

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