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Elle Fanning Sports Bra and Tights Becoming a Regular Summer Thing Thang

Elle Fanning has acting chops. But she always wants everybody to know she's got workout chops as well. Still the Hollywood ingenue, she's decidedly decided to make running around town in her sweaty sports bra and stretch pants a part of her daily routine. I suppose we'll eventually get a letter from some senior Fanning asking that the media leave her alone, or, you know, turn around politely as she runs up and down the busy streets of L.A. half dressed, but I for one can't read so good so unless the letter contains pictures, I'm going to claim ignorance. Ignorance has always been my best defense as I have letters from several doctors confirming.

Elle Fanning, you are going to become something special in Hollywood one day quite soon. And, I hope you are a beacon for young women to get fit, eat right, and be healthy. Also, you know a beacon for gentleman oglers to get their eyesight checked. But not now. I mean, down the road. Enjoy.

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