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Elisabetta Gregoraci Bikini Hot Body Vacation Time in Sardinia

I'm basically learning my European geography this summer by tracking all the hot actresses and models bikini vacationing this summer across the southern half of the continent. I can pretty much draw you a coastal map of Italy just from seeing the sand and rocks and water beneath some of the world's most alluring bodies this season. Add to that list the ever delicious Elisabetta Gregoraci, the Italian model who married a wealthy much older man for love, which has allowed us to love her MILFtastic two piece female form all over vacation destinations around the world.

Elisabetta was frolicking in sand and surf in Sardinia in one of her many perfectly fitting bikinis, looking like one of the ancient Roman nymphs arising out of the sea to basically give men boners then torture then and then steal their souls. Something that sounds totally worthwhile if you get to think you're about be getting lucky with Elisabetta. Just the fact that two tugs or material leads you to a nekkid Gregoraci ought to be enough to get you to stop thinking with your upper brain. Enjoy.

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