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Cristina de Pin Italian WAGalicious Bikini Sunshine in Miami

Yes, if you are a world class soccer player, you get a world class hot mommy bikini wife or girlfriend or baby mama in the least. It's simply part of the FIFA covenant with players. Also, Mother Nature's way of ensuring the athletically gifted mate with the hot bodily gifted to ensure there will be great looking girls in BMWs for guys to fail at hitting on forever more. It's the Circle of the Sextastic Life.

I didn't bother to look up who Cristina de Pin came to Miami with. I was too busy examining her MILFtastic bikini visual wonderments, sweating how and tan in the South Florida sunshine. I guess her soccer husband was around somewhere, but who cares. I just want to lap her up in my mind's eye and pretend she's giving me a massage after a hard day on the pitch. Or, you know, at the bar in my case. I need a WAG! Enjoy.

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