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Cristina De Pin And Alice Grignani Bikini In Miami

Italian hotties Cristina de Pin and Alice Grignani showed off their strombolis in tiny bikinis on Miami Beach.  Cristina is one of those girls that you see when you are in Italy that makes you want to apply for a permanent resident visa. Cristina's brown bikini could barely keep her paisans in place. They are busting out of every corner of the suit. Cristina has got a seriously amazing body, matched only bu Alice's smoking rack. Alice was wearing a white top and as we all know when white fabric gets wet it becomes semi see-through, which is always good. Well, not always but in the case of someone as hot as Alice it is. I also enjoy how small Alice's bikini bottom is. Those Europeans strongly believe in tiny bottoms and I respect that, nay, celebrate it!

It's a shame these pictures were taken in the United States. If these were in the Riviera there would be no tops. They are so sophisticated over there.

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