‘Broforce’ Approaches the Outer Limits of Manliness With the ‘Expendabros’ Crossover (VIDEO)

Broforce Logo
Bro-tacular! Bro.

As we know, Broforce is the most man-tastic experience you can have on a games console. It’s a Steam game, not even available on consoles, but that’s just how effing badass it is. After all, you can’t argue with a tagline like no emotions, just explosions. Lifetime TV should give that a try once in a while.

Anywho, yes, the delightfully retro run and gun sensibilities of the game are always welcome. Throw in a little action hero piss-takery and bloody violence, and it’s even welcome-er.

And then there was Expendabros: Broforce- The Expendables Missions. It’s a bitesize standalone slice of action from the game, a promotional dealie for The Expendables 3. And why the eff not? Both game and film are dedicated to these heroic has-beens kicking ass.

So what does this free Steam release get you? Seven characters and ten missions of toontastic manly violence, that’s what. Check out Broney Ross, Bro Caesar, Trent Broser and more in action above.

Via Destructoid.