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Britney Spears Back in Vegas With Her New Body

I'm not exactly sure how Britney Spears and her Vegas contract work exactly. Though I'm pretty sure she gets longer vacations than I do. Like, six months. But, to her credit, the pop diva spent much of that time apparently getting into better shape for this run of shows after taking some heat for being a bit gassed and heavy her last go-around.

While Britney definitely plays it low key when out and about, there's still something special about this mega-star when she hits the stage, even the cheesy stage in Vegas. She's got that allure that always separated her from so many of her would be competitors. Sure, she's no longer Britney at twenty, but Britney modern day is nothing to sneeze at. I'd still assume a false identity for the chance to be her wardrobe assistant backstage one evening. Though I might work a little slower than her current employees. Enjoy.

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