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Ashley Benson Red Hot Moves On The Set Of "Pixels"

Soap star and hot person Ashley Benson was looking sexy as F in her costume on the set of Pixels. In the movie she plays an 80's/90's era video game character come to life. Think Chun Li from Street Fighter but not Asian. Her costume is very revealing. Basically it's a one piece bathing suit and a couple of samurai swords. Her cleavage is the real weapon in this ensemble. How could you not be distracted by her ta-tas in a battle? She's also got an incredible pair of legs which you get to see in their entirety. This isn't even short shorts we're talking about, it's basically a pair of panties, y'all. Which brings me to her booty. Let's just say that it is extraordinary and can deflect ninja stars. It's even sexier when she's fighting on set. I have a thing for warrior chicks. I was a big fan of Xena.

Needless to say, I'm going to go see this movie. I mean the premise is fun, old video game characters attack New York, but I'm mainly going to see Ashley in this costume bouncing around. Also Peter Dinklage's mullet. Look it up after you read all of our articles.

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