‘Alien: Isolation’ Tells Us More About Bringing the Legacy to Life (VIDEO)

Alien Isolation- Reuniting The Cast
Ah, they don't look a day over... 70.

We’ve heard of this business before, granted. Alien: Isolation is bringing the hypetastic by crafting an authentic Alien experience. More survival horror, less holy balls, this sucks grandma’s cooch. It’s going to expunge the taste of furious vomity bile that Colonial Marines left in our mouths. Y’know, apparently.

To that end, you’re going to need the original cast on board. Or a subset of them who can still be assed to get involved with this sort of thing, at any rate.

And that’s just how it happened. The legendary Sigourney Weaver and most of her co-stars got right back into their roles, this interview from IGN reports. Everyone may be looking a whole effing lot more haggard/facelifty than they did in 1979, and sound like the ol’ bastards they are, but that’s all moot. You can take the person out of the Alien, but you can’t take the Alien out of the person. It comes out of its own accord, and makes us all foul our undercrackers in disturbing mealtime scenes.

Here’s the game’s head creative dudely dude, Al Hope, explaining the process behind reuniting the original cast for the Nostromo-based DLC. Take a look.