Brazilian model and hot person Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted in Beverly Hills in a pair of tiny shorts. That’s what’s magical about this time of year. It’s short shorts weather and no one can pull it off better than Alessandra. It’s no accident that she’s one of the biggest models out there. She’s got the classic height of a model due in large part to her long amazing legs. Seriously, look at them. Only in Brazil could you create legs that look like that. The shorts also accentuated her shapely booty. One of the things I love about Brazilians is that they somehow manage to be both thin and curvy at the same time with very little body fat. How do they do it? I’ve had Brazilian food and that stuff is fattening. Well, at least for me. I guess it must be genetics. If that’s the case then I want to kiss Alessandra’s father for making her.

Sadly, we only have a month or so left of short shorts weather. So, go out and get as much ogling at girls in shorts in while you still can.