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Theresa Ortiz Bikini Pool Time Madness in the Big Easy

Consider Theresa Ortiz another reality show hottie that I really need to get to know. I hope she feels the same way about getting to know pale bloggers. She's one of the cast of Love and Hip Hop and the only one not currently under arrest I believe. Though she could be arrested for exciting the male population to a point of frenzy I suppose. Oh, yes, arrested on crimes of passion.

Theresa and some friends were bikini dipping into the pool in New Orleans when the sextastic meter started beeping, indicating some must capture candid moments. Wow, her sultry Puerto Rican goodies in that bikini. I just wanted to show her my tax return faked with an extra zero added to the income line to look semi-impressive then ask her out for beignets. I think that's French for doing the naughty. I hope so. Theresa, you are one fine looking Latina lady. Let's be friends. Enjoy.

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