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Taylor Swift Steps Out In a Miniskirt

Songstress and sexy person Taylor Swift was spotted in New York wearing a miniskirt. When I say miniskirt I mean it's mini. It barely goes to her mid thigh. Most importantly it allows us a view of Taylor's glorious legs. I've said it before and I will say it again, Taylor Swift has the best legs in America. They are the perfect combination of toned and curvy. They are also long. I'm reminded of all those old movies where they would say things like, "She's got legs for days" or "She has legs up to here". The best part is that Taylor knows she has unbelievable legs and likes to show them off. My mom always told me to put my best qualities out there and Taylor certainly follows my mom's advice.

I've been, not stalking, but hoping to run into Taylor since she moved to NYC. I just happen to often find myself in her neighborhood and I am always hoping for an encounter. Not that I have anything productive to say to her. I'd probably just stutter something nonsensical and point at her legs. I'm not good under pressure.

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