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Taylor Swift Has Long Summer Legs in The Big Apple

It's July. It's summer leg season. That is to me what the start of deer and duck season are to hunters. Only, yes, that's not my gun, I'm just damn glad to see hot legs. Like those on Taylor Swift. Say what you will about Taylor Swift the girlfriend person, but there's no denying Taylor has some of the finest, longest legs in all of Celebrityville. I guess she was born with the hot leg genes, and then adds some solid workout and regular dancing. The net effect are a pair of gams that are simply show stoppers on the streets of New York in a pair of shorts.

Make no mistake about it, Taylor knows dam well hot damn hot she looks flashing her toned stems. She may look demure, but she's probably got a clicker in her pocket she's pressing every time she sees prurient eyeballs gazing at her long body on display. I respect that clicker. I'd like her to press it over and over as I sunscreen her legs. Yes, write a nasty song about me, I don't care, I'm going in. Enjoy.

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