Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci Full Sweaty Mount to Celebrate Wimbledon Victory

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We had quite a popular response on Egotastic Facebook to my compliments to the two Italian ladies who won the Wimbledon Women's Doubles championship and celebrated with a sweaty full body mounting on the grass. I figured I'd share some more photos of the two here.

Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci are good tennis players. I'm just guessing since they won the big trophy. And unlike silly men who just fist pump or high five, these two Roman ladies decided to lay it all out there for the pearl clutchers along the center court. Wet and steamy expressions of emotions between two women have always made me feel super comfortable and invited. As to a show, with my trenchcoat on. I couldn't be happier for Sara and Roberta. I'd like to see the post-match shower tapes. Hopefully the celebration continued indoors. Enjoy.

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