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Sabia Boulahrouz Bikini Pictures Deliver Drop Dead Boobtastic WAG Views in St. Tropez

Poor Rafael van der Vaart. After recently divorcing his hot lingerie model wife, Sylvia van der Vaart, he's been forced to take up coitus relations with model Sabia Boulahrouz on vacation in the South of France. How these guys manage to get over all the emotional heartache so quickly really is a tribute to their championship mentalities. Damn, I want a hot chesty bikini goddess as my next rebound girlfriend!

I can't help but feel I'm just one FA cup victory of a 7-figure job away from securing a crazy hot model with an arousing accent like Sabia. I really need to start putting my mind to it if this is really going to happen. Someday I'll be too old and I'll need an 8-figure salary to make this happen. Maybe I'll get lucky and find a finger in my Whopper. Enjoy.

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