Pucking Hell, ‘NHL 15’ is Looking as Realistically Violent as the Real Thing (VIDEO)

NHL 15
Now with 76% more awkward man-hugs.

Oh yes indeed. Pucking hell. That’s almost more wit than you can handle on a Monday morning, but there’s no need for applause. It’s all in a day’s work. Now, to business.

In this newfangled world of ‘PS4s’ and ‘Xbox Ones’ (whatever the hell they are), we demand a little more of our sports games. We pound our meaty fists on our coffee tables and demand it. For a next-gen sporting experience, you need authenticity. Players moving like their real-life counterparts, jostling for position and colliding in a manly heap of bones, sinew and blood. And those hideous moments where Lady Luck just knees you in the gonads because she can.

A hockey game that plays out like… a game of hockey, in short. Which is just what the upcoming NHL 15 pledges to deliver.

Take a look at the above display of the title’s true hockey physics. EA Sports are apparently bringing Collision Physics and True Puck Physics, with capital letters and everything so we know these bastards mean business.