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Nicola Peltz Deep Cleavage At "Transformers" Premiere In Japan

Actress and giant robot friend Nicola Peltz looked unbelievably hot at the Japanese premiere of Transformers: Age of Extinction. She wore an orange dress that had a plunging neckline, and by plunging I mean it was completely open to her belly. It seems that Japanese customs confiscated her bra because she wasn't wearing one. The result is an epic amount of cleavage. Her chest is the thing I want to view in digital 3D. There was also a bit of sideboob action for our viewing pleasure. Nicola is so sexy that I'm actually going to go see this Transformers. I will give Michael Bay that he has cast some pretty sexy women in these fighting robot movies over the years. First Megan Fox wore short shorts draped over Bumblebee or whatever and now Nicola is fighting for humanity's right to survive with her hotness.

If robots taking over the world movies have taught me anything, from Transformers to the Terminator, is that our best hope for survival is scantily clad women.

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