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Natasha Oakley Bikini Hot Body and Overbite Madness Continues in Miami

Yes, I'm aware thatNatasha Oakley has a boyfriend. I took precious time cutting him out of all these photos so I didn't have to see his stupid lucky bastard face. But boyfriends are just friends who are boys until the next better one comes along. Might I recommend a guy who sits on his ass and drinks beer eight to twelve hours a day? I am currently 'it's complicated' in my own relationship.

Natasha Oakley and her killer body and that devious overbite which haunts me in my NC-17 dreams swished and swayed and created tidal waves of passion along the South Florida shoreline once more. Even the manatees were getting boners. That's saying something. Those slippery bastards are pretty picky. Someday, I know, Natasha and I will be bikini shopping together and laughing at the fact we never got together before. She'll be laughing, I'll be crying for all the wasted seconds of my life not in her tender but firm clutches. Enjoy.

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