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Michelle Lewin Bikini Boobtastic Sprayed Down for Stars and Stripes Glistening

Michelle Lewin is perfect. I don't mean necessarily in her personality or character or actions or other things that are of little consequence. I mean in her looks and that ridiculously flawless body she displays in various tiny bikinis and workout outfits in and around Miami Beach.  She may belong to the best of Venezuela lineage, but she was perhaps the finest representative of the red white and blue this 4th of July holiday time with just one crazy seductive hot bodied appearance in an All-American bikini. Her booty just one of the single finest views in the world. That's high praise. It's deserved.

Unfortunately for us, some do-gooder lifted up a towel to give Michelle some privacy as she changed out of her bikini. Oh, we were so close to greatness, though even the sight of her side-bum all bare and shiny was enough to send me into fifteen minutes of catatonia. Damn, I want to oil her body and get out my favorite loofah, the Uncle Bill, for an all-over Lewin shine and polish. Just so damn hot. I need a moment. And a cold shower. Enjoy.

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