Meet ‘Metal Wolf Chaos,’ the Official Video Game of American Badassery (VIDEO)

Metal Wolf Chaos
Only Arnold Schwarzenegger movies offer more explosions.

Damn it, Metal Wolf Chaos, you’re a little late for the party. The 4th of July was like so last week, girlfriend. We’ll forgive you, though, because you feature the President of the United States stamping about and kicking all kinds of ass in a giant mech suit. So, clearly, we can’t stay mad at you.

Now, this little doozy wasn’t made in the US, nor was it ever released here. But that’s all moot, because our friends in Japan have clearly seen enough Hollywood movies to know how very, very awesome America is.

A 2004 Xbox release, it’s the crazy-ass tale of imaginary President Michael Wilson. After a dastardly and bastardly coup by Vice President Richard Hawk, Wilson does what any world leader would do: hops into his mechtastic and wrecks shit right up. You’ve never seen a more ridiculous, patriotic shooter.

Take a look at Kotaku’s Independence Day ode to the game, and check it out in action above. Ah, that’s some hammy dialog.