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Lily Allen Takes A Bikini Dip In NYC

British singer and sexy person Lily Allen went for a swim at the Soho House Hotel in New York City. She wore a teeny tiny blue and orange bikini that showed off her bangin' figure. Yes, her body is so amazing I had to go back in time and bring back the word bangin'. It appears that the water in the pool was cold because Ms. Allen's nips were certainly perky and present. Lily's ta-tas are the definition of the term pert. She's the kind of gal who can get away with never wearing a bra and a celebrate her right to do so. She's also got a fairly extraordinary booty which is shown off in her tight blue bottoms. I've always had a thing for Lily Allen ever since I first saw her on an English talk show years ago. She's one of my celebrity free passes.

It's hard to believe that someone so hot is the sister of Alfie Allen, (Theon Greyjoy) from Game of Thrones. I would gladly be her Reek anyday.

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