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Hofit Golan Bikini Pictures Bring the Israeli Curves to Barbados

Hofit Golan is a regular of the European film festival and fancy party set and a hostess on Fashion.TV, which I'm guessing you don't check out all that often. She's also a shameless self-promoter, which I respect, seeing as I am one myself, though I look slightly less compelling in a sheer bikini on the beaches of Barbados. Slightly less.

The Israeli spokesmodel was either working or playing or playing at work down in the Caribbean and trying to attract attention by way of body show on the beach. It works for me. Whenever a woman with nice curves yells 'look at me now'. I always look. Sometimes I don't stop looking for uncomfortably long periods of time. And when they tell me, 'Why don't you take a picture, it will last longer', I take out my camera and follow their advice. I'm like a puppy. You can't hit me without feeling guilty. Remember that, Hofit, especially if you've had Israeli military training. Enjoy.

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