‘GTA V’ Teaser Recreated in Live Action, Looks Oddly Spanish (VIDEO)

Grand Theft Auto Madrid
That's the sound of something hitting the fan. In real life

As we all know damn well, sometimes the Internet does things. Odd things, brilliant things and utterly crazy-ass things. We don’t question them. We don’t think why the balls this or completely shit-tastic waste of time that. They’re just part of life with the world wide webtastic.

After all, there’s a Tumblr dedicated to women taking dumps and/or the dumps they’ve taken. No, you’re not getting a link to that, but we believe our point has been made.

Anywho, in the really-rather-awesome-but-pretty-useless category, we have this: Grand Theft Auto Madrid. It’s a live action remake of the original GTA V teaser, from Zapruder Films. First off, excuse us for blowing your freaking minds, but Los Angeles isn’t in Spain. Not even a little bit. But how many effs do these guys give about that?

Zero effs, that’s how many. They’re in the negative effs, right here. As you’ll see with this fancy picture-in-picture business, Madrid makes for a great substitute for the LA-based Los Santos. It all matches up nigh-perfectly.

Via Rockstar.