Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: The First Ever ‘Butt Mode’ Wastes So Much Sextastic Potential

See that? That’s a great ass, right there. If we had our darn way, any video game with a ‘Butt Mode’ would involve this caliber of asstastic, and a whole lot of VR fondling.

Alas, though, your Ego-buddies aren’t games design wizards, and everybody we know who is has stopped taking our increasingly lewd suggestions. So this first small step for buttkind is an absolute zero on the Hornometer. Still, there’s a lot of juvenile toilet humor, and we all know that’s the best kind.

Yup, Kotaku reported this week that the pretty-darn-awesome Shovel Knight has a Butt Mode. Coming from a 2D Mega Man/Castlevania-alike, you wouldn’t expect too much naughtiness… which is good, because you won’t be disappointed. Its sole function is to change every proper noun in the game’s dialogue to the word butt.

Why this is a thing that’s happened, we can’t imagine, but there it is. Still, it allows for seconds of fun with such lines as When Butt Butt awoke, the tower was sealed, and Shield Butt was gone. Fans of Beavis and Butthead should hit the clip after the jump, to see how this cheat is unlocked and witness the Shovel Knight intro in Butt Mode.

Via Kotaku.