Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Playing ‘Doom’ at the Top of a Freaking Mountain, Just Because (VIDEO)

Whacked- Mountain LAN Party
Only the second-highest mountain in the US? Ah, it'll do.

Some things are just inherently manly. Die Hard movie marathons. Lumberjacks. The bravado of ignoring the instructions and attempting to assemble that cabinet yourself, because it’s effing simple and you know what you’re doing.

When the drawers don’t close properly and a stray nail jabs you in the ass as you pass by, it’s not even slightly your fault. Manufacturing error, right there.

Anywho, in the case of games, Doom is as man-tastic as it gets. After all, to descend into Hell’s anus armed only with a pistol, you need gonads the size of Jupiter. So, how do we reach the very pinnacle of manliness? We take Doom on a death-defying romp up a goddamn mountain, that’s how.

Behold Tek Syndicate, and their record-breaking ‘highest altitude LAN party ever’ atop Mount Elbert. It was pretty half-assed with regards to battery life, as Mother Nature hasn’t got her shit together and fitted her mountains with power outlets yet, but still. One thing’s for sure, this is the most fancy-ass tech you’ll see on a mountainside today. That’s an Ego-guarantee.

Via Kotaku.