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Fanny Neguesha Hot Bikini Body for WAGalicious Glory on Miami Beach

It's good to be a soccer star. Those foot kicking ballers may very well get more hot women than any other athletes. Especially during World Cup season. Mario Balotelli was showing off his latest and greatest WAG, Fanny Neguesha, on the beach in Miami after Mario's Italian team faded out of the Cup last week. I'm not saying I'm jealous of Mario, I'm also not saying I'm not jealous. I will say Fanny has quite the stellar wet bikini body emerging from the warm Atlantic waters and straight into my fantasy churning prurient mind. Oh, those sultry Latin girls do appeal to my innate sense of procreation.

One of these days I'm going find me my own wicked hot and curvy bikini model to call my own. But, first, I just need to become an international soccer star, land a seven figure contract, and get some rock hard abs. It's hard to say which will happen first, but when it does, Fanny, please pick up the phone, that'll be me calling. Enjoy.

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