‘Did You Know Gaming’ Brings Us Some Doomtastic Violence, and a Fact or Two (VIDEO)

Did You Know Gaming Doom
Bill Gates, you say?

As grandma always said, book-learning and facts and all that hokum? Balls to it. Who gives any effs? I don’t. Granted, this probably didn’t help her secure that job as Principal, but we’re damned if she wasn’t the sweariest, drunkiest math teacher that school ever had.

Anywho, on to the point. Some learning, you just can’t be assed with. Other learning, you totally can. When Doom trivia is the subject at hand, we’re definitely paying attention. Did you know that the most man-tastic shooter of all time announced a fourth installment at this year’s E3? Probably. Did you also know that Bill Gates was once superimposed into the game, to dick about and try to hawk Doom 95? Perhaps not.

Here’s Did You Know Gaming, with their… Did You Know Gaming series. Swivel your eyeballs in the clip’s direction, and be enlightened.

Doom was originally intended as an Aliens game-of-the-film? That’s a licensed game too far, right there. It would’ve been a hell of a sight though. Still, our interest is piqued.

Via Destructoid.