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Daphne Joy Models Her Cleavetastic for Shoppers Delight

Thanks to our friend Garry from for this chesty peek at model Daphne Joy, the baby mama to 50 Cent, if you happen to follow those kinds of things. But if you don't, you can now know her as the exotic looking chesty model showing off her cleavetastic delights to pimp some online shopping program because people need to buy more things.

Daphne Joy put the joy joy joy deep into various bodily organs as she showed up in a low cut dress, a killer smile, and not much else to make a memorable introduction here on Egotastic! Daphne, we do so love the alluring ladies with large funbags around here. Maybe don't bring your baby daddy around and you can hang out for as long as you like. I've even put out something for you to wear should you stay the night. It's very lightweight, almost like it's not even there. I can't wait to see it on that ridiculously hot body of yours. I pray 50 doesn't kill me before the dawn. Enjoy.

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